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Your neighbourhood resource for all things related to managing wild rabbits on your property. This site has information on the various ways to deal with rabbit pests depending on the severity of your rabbit infestation. Please share your success stories and tips about dealing with wild rabbits in the forum. We want to provide a platform that brings communities together to solve our rabbit problem. Just like we can’t win the war on rabbits on our own, this site needs your input for everyone's benefit.

Rabbit Plague

Rabbits were introduced to New Zealand in the 19th century for food and sport. They soon became a pest. Reaching plague proportions in some areas, they cost the country millions of dollars through lost production on farmland as well as through attempts to control them

2x3 =
9 Million

Rabbit Maths... very very scary! Two rabbits breeding unchecked over three years can produce nine million rabbits!

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