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Rabbit solutions otago

I have been involved in the industry for many years. Available for otago and south Canterbury areas. Pindone carrot poisoning, gassing, night shooting and fencing Can offer discounted rates for multi properties for carrot Pindone poisoning. I work in conjunction with a local helicopter operator for larger properties

Pest Control Hobbyist

My hobby is Pest Control using High-Powered Air Rifles, Traps and Snares. I'm keen to help people with a Pest Problem - Rabbits, Hares, Magpies, Possums, Starlings, Feral Pigeons, Rats, Wild Cats, etc...

Back Country Solutions Limited

We conduct a range of pest management operations including urban rabbit and pigeon control, rabbit shooting and fumigation, ground and aerial hunting or wallaby, goats and deer. All staff also hold Controlled Substances Licenses for the use of VTA. Possum abundance surveying and removal, along with complete monitoring and pest management strategies for any size property or carbon farm. We operate throughout the South Island.

Allpest Ltd

Available for small scale mid winter carrot Pindone poisoning and night shooting.

Jim’s Bunny Hunters Ltd

We are pest controllers based in Canterbury but we specialise in rabbit population control/removal using ferrets and dogs. We are NZ’s only government permitted ferreters. We also use ferrets and dogs for rat removal. We also do possum, hare and avian removal using suppressed rim fire rifles and infrared scopes.

Feather and Fur Pest Control LTD

Contract Shooting of Rabbits, Canada Geese, Deer and More

Earnscleugh station ltd

SP Pest Control

I have a few options for rabbit Control. Rabbit Fumigation, Rabbit Bait Stations, Rabbit Drop Boxes , and also shooting operations. Please feel free to check out our website. I’m currently working between Canterbury down to central Otago. Very happy to help assist anyone looking for help on their Rabbit and Hare population.

R.M Possum Control

Hi all, here at R.M Possum control our goal is to help reduce the pest population that are destroying our farms and native bush. We primarily target possums and rabbits, but deer control can be arranged. Our preferred methods are leg hold traps, as well as dog & gun - anywhere accessible by 4wd/atv. Based in the Hanmer area, but cover right down to Christchurch. Feel free to get in contact with me, via email or our Facebook page. Cheers, Reuben Miller.

Animal Pest NZ

We are a Pest Control Company specializing in Ground and Helicopter Thermal Imaging Night shoots however can provide services for most Pest Control methodology. We travel NZ and abroad proving a mixture of Pest controls for different Pest Animals.

J Toole

I have been a full time rabbit controller for over 25 years & my business is really focused on pest management on small farms and blocks of land where using firearms is not a possible method.I have a range of tools to remove any rabbit's quickly & quietly, no matter where they might be hiding. I pride myself on being trustworthy and delivering good outcomes' for property owners .this also includes offering free advice.

The Anti Pest

We are a Hawkes Bay based, Toxin free, animal pest control company. We use the latest technology combined with old school methods to get efficient and safe results.

Habitat NZ Limited

Habitat NZ has over 24 years' experience in rabbit management, and is experienced in all forms of rabbit assessment, monitoring and control. From one off jobs on small landholdings, to large aerial operations involving thousands of hectares. HNZ has the skills and expertise to solve your rabbit problem. HNZ holds certification for the professional use of firearms, mag toxin and pindone.


Contract shooting Licensed pesticides/VTA operator for all categories Comprehensive pest control solutions

NZ WIld Ltd

Wild animal control solutions Control and Management services for all NZ Pest animal species Shooting, trapping, poisoning, containment. Controlled Substances Licence for all classes of VTA's
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