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How to use Pindone Rabbit Bait for Results

The following steps are critical if you are wanting a successful baiting program on your property. Share this information with your neighbours otherwise you might find their rabbits moving in once you have eradicated your fluffle of bunnies. Pindone Rabbit Bait must only be used in a…

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Otago Regional Pest Management Plan feral rabbit rules

Plan Rule An occupier within the Otago region shall control feral rabbit densities on the land they occupy to at or below Level 3 on the Modified McLean Scale. Plan Rule Note: This is designated a good neighbour rule An occupier within the Otago region shall,…

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Rabbit population management

Rabbit population management We are going to outline to you how to really make an impact on your rabbit population so we can win the war on this common enemy. One of the key words there is common, you really are going to need all your neighbours…

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Trapping with Snares

Traditionally simple snares are made of wire or cord, though other materials can be used including plant and animal fibres, and placed along existing animal travel routes, or along the anticipated path of travel an animal may use when approaching bait or other attractant. A traditional snare…

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Controlled Substance License

CSL is designed for people who carry out pest control and border control using extremely toxic substances called VTA (Vertebrate Toxic Agents) or extremely toxic gases called Fumigants. WorkSafe control the registration process for all persons who work with Cyanide, DRC1339, PAPP and Sodium fluoroacetate for controlling…

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Pindone Training Certificate

This course is for people applying Pindone pellets broadcast and Pindone Liquid baited carrots to control rabbits. Pindone is not a Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) product because it is not a 6.1A, 6.1B Classification Vertebrate Toxic Agent (VTA) neither does it require a Certified Handlers Certificate. HSW:HS…

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Thermal telescope & GPS mapping

Rabbit counts will be conducted at night using a thermal telescope. Due to the safety issues that arise from operating on steep and rugged terrain at night we will be using mostly static counts. The thermal telescopes enable accurate counting over areas up to 5 -6 hectare…

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Protecting plants from rabbits

To Protect or not to protect? Plant guards or tree protectors placed around newly planted native seedlings are sometimes used to provide protection from wind on exposed sites or during hot dry months, and reduce browsing by animals such as rabbits and hares. Selection and use of…

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Plantskydd – A natural Rabbit/Herbivore repellent

Introducing Plantskydd, the 100% natural pest repellent. A growers worst nightmare is to view their plants only to see that half of them have been eaten by pests. We believe when it comes to pests, that prevention is always better than the cure as once animals have…

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Fumigants are poisons that are introduced into a rabbit burrow system, to form toxic gases which are inhaled by the rabbit, causing death by absorption. Fumigation does not require the rabbit to eat a bait and so is effective in areas where bait shyness is a problem….

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Rabbit trapping

Trapping Leg-hold trapping is useful for dealing with small numbers of rabbits where alternative techniques are not viable. Effectiveness depends on the skill and experience of the operator. The Animal Welfare Act 1999 requires that traps are checked within 12 hours of sunrise, and for rabbits this…

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Pindone Susceptibility

Pindone Susceptibility – Table showing Chronic Toxicity LD 50 of Pindone: LD 50 Mg/kg Animal Weight Mg Pindone of kill 50% Pellets to kill Rabbits 0.52 1.5 kg 0.78 21 Wallabies 2.0 10 kg 20 80 Birds of prey 2.0 Dogs 2.5 9 kg 22.5 90 Cats…

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