Controlled Substance License

November 7, 2022

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CSL is designed for people who carry out pest control and border control using extremely toxic substances called VTA (Vertebrate Toxic Agents) or extremely toxic gases called Fumigants.

WorkSafe control the registration process for all persons who work with Cyanide, DRC1339, PAPP and Sodium fluoroacetate for controlling pest animals and border control fumigation products, Chloropicrin, Dichloropropene, Aluminium phosphide and Magnesium phosphide. (not all products listed here).

The process to gain a CSL requires:

The person to be 17 years or older.
Have a need for the licence, eg; work for DOC or pest control contractor.
Complete training course with us at Adroit Solutions – this is completed via online classroom.
Submit all assessments, documents, and practical evidence to us at Adroit Solutions
We manage all your application – arrange a Certified Handler Certificate; collate all your application documents and forward onto WorkSafe who approve and issue your Controlled Substance licence.

Contact us now for more detailed information specific to your requirements.

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