Pindone Rabbit Bait

November 7, 2022

Pindone Rabbit -Group

Pindone Characteristics:

  • Full grown Rabbits require 21 Pindone pellets for mortality.
  • Eaten over 5-6 days. Multi-feed toxicant
  • Assess the area to be treated using the Modified McLean Scale.
  • It takes around 2-4 feeds before enough Pindone is digested.
  • Majority of rabbits will die underground.
  • The hierarchy within the population can affect the initial volume of bait taken, and assess buck heaps proximity to each other.
  • Shooting can be detrimental to bait uptake as rabbits can become gun shy
  • Try pre-feed if unsure of bait acceptance. (broadcast)
  • Vitamin K1 is the antidote for off target consumption.
  • Bait shyness has not occurred with Pindone.
  • Pre-feeding is not necessary
  • Recruitment can be very strong and over large distances

How to manage Urban and Rural Pindone baiting programmes.

  • Pindone is a first generation anticoagulant bait ie a multifeed bait (chronic action)
  • Timing is important. Apply when food availability is at its lowest.
  • Don’t run out of bait especially in the first week.
  • Turn bait station holes to the side during daylight hours and rain (No Pest Multi-Feed Station)
  • Rabbits are Neophobic. Allow time (up to 14 days for bait station acceptance)

Pindone Pellets in Bait stations

Suitable for small blocks up to 2 ha

Can require many bait stations depending on level of infestation

For Larger Lifestyle Blocks or Farms consider using Broadcast applications of Pindone Pellets or Pindone Liquid Concentrate + Diced Carrots or Pindone Liquid Concentrate plus cooked Oats (Oats must be fat varieties Oare, Markaru, Omihi or Owapuni. Cook in large kettle till soft enough to pop out the kernel)

Trials of half drum bait stations placed in an area that has been cleared of grass and any other food source have been proving successful, this also protects the bait from non target animals and stock. These stations can hold up to 5kg of bait so need less maintenance and can become an attractive area for rabbits to feed drawing in neighbouring rabbits, increasing the effectiveness of baiting programmes.

Rabbit Control Comparison Table

Efficacy/Measure Shooting Trapping Magtoxin® Poison 1080 Bait Pindone Pellets Pindone RS5
% Rabbits Killed Low Low High High High High
Cost per rabbit High High Medium Low Low Low
Large Area Not usually practical Not without large time input Dependant on manpower Yes Yes Yes
Population MMS 3 and below 3 and below Any burrows up to 8 up to 8 up to 8
Legislative Controls Firearms licence No Conditions apply Yes Yes (Broadcast) Yes (Broadcast)
DIY Yes Yes Conditions apply No Yes in bait station only No
Urban Use Not ideal Yes Not ideal No Yes in bait station only No
Notification required Yes (on public land) No No Yes Yes (level depends on land category) Yes

Carrot Baits

Bidfood Chopped Carrots 15 – 20mm diameter

Cut your own fresh carrots baits should be about 4g in weight > 12mm in diameter

Pindone Liquid Concentrate

For use with diced carrots or cooked whole oats as bait.

Broadcast use only. Approved Users Licence required (MPI)

250 mls Pindone Liquid Concentrate per 250mls of water ie 1:1

Mix in a concrete mixer with 50kg carrots or oats

Training and certificates required for all Pindone broadcast applications.

Including transport for Liquid or large volumes

Approved users Training Online

To gain the Approved Users Certificate there are 3 x sections you need to complete:

  1. Registration form filled in with all details.
    Payment completed and received.
    Information read and assessment Completed (On line)
    Current CSL with Pindone stated is still ok till expiry date.
  2. Apply to MPI for your Pindone Users Licence (Approval and police check)
    If you already have a CSL this Certificate is not necessary
  3. To sell or buy Liquid Pindone a copy of the customers Pindone users certificate from MPI is needed (valid for 5 years)Pindone Liquid is a class 6.1C and needs to be tracked to the point of application to the Carrot or Oat bait. Once applied to bait no further tracking is required.

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