How to use Pindone Rabbit Bait for Results

March 31, 2023


The following steps are critical if you are wanting a successful baiting program on your property. Share this information with your neighbours otherwise you might find their rabbits moving in once you have eradicated your fluffle of bunnies.

Pindone Rabbit Bait must only be used in a Bait Station. It is illegal to broadcast Pindone Rabbit Bait on the ground as pets, non-target wildlife and children may be at risk.

1. Half fill Bait Station by removing end cap. To avoid spillage, this may be easier to do with holes closed off.

2. Twist the Multifeeder holes so they are presented at an angle for the rabbits to feed easily. They do not like a vertical presentation

3. Place Bait Station in the open where rabbits normally feed or next to a ‘run’ where rabbits pass through a fence or hedge.

4. Place on short grass or bare ground where rabbits frequently feed or where droppings are noticed. Some people weed spray prior as rabbits prefer short grass or dirt areas.

5. Turning some sods of dirt in front of the bait station can encourage rabbits to investigate the bait station and bait.

6. As rabbits are neo-phobic place bait station in feeding location for 7-12 days before baiting to allow rabbits time to adjust to its presence.

7. Timing of baiting is important as it can be difficult to compete against readily available food e.g. spring flush.

8. The NoPests Multifeeder bait station allows 2-3 Rabbits to feed simultaneously.

9. Ensure enough stations are in place as dominant males will prevent lower hierarchy rabbits from feeding. Ensure that the bait stations never become empty as Pindone is a multi-feed bait that requires the rabbit to eat 3-5 times before achieving the desired results.

10. Close the Multifeeder during rain to prevent bait from becoming soggy

11. Close the Multifeeder during the day if birds are stealing the bait.

12. Re-open the Multifeeder at dusk as birds retire to roost for the night.

13. The NoPests Multifeeder does not need to be fixed to any structure or fence to be effective.

14. Should a pet consume Pindone bait or rabbits that have been eating the Pindone bait the effects of the bait can easily be reversed with a vitaminK injection from your vet.

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