Dogs and rabbit poisons

November 7, 2022

Dog watching Sheep

Dogs are highly susceptible to 1080 poison and will readily eat carrots, pellet baits and carcasses of dead rabbits. Keep working dogs well fed and chained when not at work and muzzle them if working in or near a baited area. Do not dog, trap, shoot or otherwise disturb the rabbits in an area for several weeks before starting a baiting program.

Pindone has a greatly reduced risk of secondary poisoning. Pindone has an effective antidote (Vitamin K1) if secondary poisoning should occur. It is estimated that a dog would need to eat more than 10 freshly poisoned rabbits to get an acute lethal dose of pindone.

Should you still be concerned about using bait to manage your rabbit population you can look at shooting, trapping, rabbit proof fencing and potentially magtoxin gas.
Always ensure you have the licenses required for any of the above methods.

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