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November 7, 2022


Wild rabbits are one of the most serious agricultural and environmental pests in New Zealand. Learn about measures in place to control their spread.
The problem

Rabbits have been a constant source of trouble for New Zealand since they were first introduced in the 1830s. It’s previously been estimated that rabbits cost New Zealand over $50 million in lost production, plus a further $25 million in direct pest control a year.

Wild rabbits:

Competing with livestock for pasture by eating the best grass
causes extensive land damage from burrowing, making farming land useless
causes public nuisance and damage to public and private property.

Ongoing management of wild rabbits is essential to New Zealand’s economy and environment.

Managing rabbit numbers

New Zealand has a long history of rabbit control. The main methods used to control rabbits are shooting, poisoning, fumigation of burrows, and rabbit-proof fencing. An introduced virus (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus) also reduces rabbit numbers.

Under the Biosecurity Act, MPI has a role facilitating coordination among those involved in rabbit control (such as the Rabbit Coordination Group). We also support the development of rabbit control tools through funding programmes.

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